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ManchesterStory Group is a venture capital firm targeting investments in FinTech and Healthcare, with a particular focus on technologies impacting our Strategic Partners in the insurance industry.


Areas of interest include lending (peer-to-peer, B2B, underwriting algorithms), institutional & capital markets (alternative trading systems, financial analysis), personal finance & wealth management, money transfer, crowdfunding and block chain.



Areas of interest include telehealth services (providing new services or more efficiently serving specific patient populations), personalized medicine (using patient diagnostic & response data to tailor treatments), addressing workforce challenges (monitoring chronic patients, providing better and more efficient care, and handling ever more complex tasks), and the application of data analytics to build new product and service models. 



Areas of interest include customer engagement, core systems, home automation, telematics, “big data” customer analytics, cybersecurity, IoT, regulatory technology, digital distribution, underwriting, and claims processing.




matt kinley

Matt is a co-founder and Managing Partner of ManchesterStory Group, LLC.  Matt is an experienced venture capital investor with 21 years of lead investor experience at Pappajohn Capital Resources.  Matt has been focused on early-stage through growth-stage healthcare and technology companies assisting more than 50 companies during his more than 21 years at Pappajohn Capital Resources. Matt received a B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa.



dave miles

Dave is a co-founder and Managing Partner of ManchesterStory Group, LLC.  Dave has been an investment professional and entrepreneur for the last 29 years, most of that time as owner of Miles Capital, Inc., a $4.8 billion insurance company-focused asset management firm.  In addition to Dave’s investment experience, he brings leadership and operating experience to the firm and our partner companies.  Dave received a B.A. from Drake University, J.D. from Harvard Law School and MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.



We support entrepreneurs that want to build market leading companies.

ManchesterStory is focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are building leading InsureTech, FinTech and Healthcare software and service companies.  We start by developing relationships with founders and management teams based on candid discussion and mutual respect.  We work with exceptional management teams that strive to overcome the challenges of scaling a business.  Our decades of experience with early stage and high growth companies has led to an approach that is unique to each portfolio company.  We invest with teams that have achieved early revenue generation and we support portfolio companies through their pursuit of to be market leaders.



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