ManchesterStory Group is a venture capital firm targeting investments in FinTech and Healthcare, with a particular focus on technologies impacting our Strategic Partners in the insurance industry.


Areas of interest include lending (peer-to-peer, B2B, underwriting algorithms), institutional & capital markets (alternative trading systems, financial analysis), personal finance & wealth management, money transfer, crowdfunding and block chain.



Areas of interest include telehealth services (providing new services or more efficiently serving specific patient populations), personalized medicine (using patient diagnostic & response data to tailor treatments), addressing workforce challenges (monitoring chronic patients, providing better and more efficient care, and handling ever more complex tasks), and the application of data analytics to build new product and service models. 



Areas of interest include customer engagement, core systems, home automation, telematics, “big data” customer analytics, cybersecurity, IoT, regulatory technology, digital distribution, underwriting, and claims processing.